Lauri Lynnxe Murphy original artwork

"A Fine Mess 4" by Lauri Lynnxe Murphy

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Archival Print (framed), 31 x 41 inches

Courtesy of Lauri Lynnxe Murphy:

My inspiration is propelled by my horror at what I see and read about daily, and yet, I am still a maker, transfixed by materials and the transformational impact of the hand. The past several years have seen a marked shift in my interests from abstraction to research-based artwork that reflects the urgency of my ecological and political concerns.

Working photographically has allowed me to bridge the gap between the more idea-driven works and the intuitive process I am at home in.  I see my photographs as an extension of my sculptural practice in the sense that they create impossible objects and hint at alien presences, things that don't exist in nature, but could.

Lauri's work is available courtesy of Mai Wyn Fine Art, 744 Santa Fe Drive, Denver

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